I have lots of catching up to do!!!

I am soo sorry!!! The past month and a bit have been absolutely insane!  Who knew that the last month of school would be uphill!  Well, now I know!  I am really looking forward to this summer because I am going to have a blast working on scrapbooks, making cards, and all sorts of fun projects.  I have a ton of things I can’t wait to get started on!!!  And you can bet that I will be sharing my projects with you 🙂  To start off with, though, I want to show you the programs that my sister and I made for her wedding reception in Edmonton at the end of May (made for a busy weekend!).  We had some fun times together.

As you have seen in my post about the super awesome embossing folder that came out a couple months ago – I not only got it because it is AWESOME but also so that I could make some classy and pretty programs for my sister’s wedding reception!  So…I got the idea for the prorgram from a card on Patty’s blog.

For some reason (fatigue!?) I made two big goofs when we were doing our little “assembly line” process.  IMG_1113The first was that I cut the paper TOTALLY wrong! (7′ one way instead of the other).  Solution?  Well IMG_1118I thought it was a pretty creative solution that actually added to the program (although it was extra work – but that’s ok!).  I figured that we could fold the front side the size that we wanted and then just add a strip of whisper white paper with the lace border to the inside flap.  Not bad eh?
weeeeellll.  IMG_1116I told my sister to score the paper to make it easier to fold…and you guessed it – I told her the wrong measurement!  Eeek!  I felt pretty bad.  Solution?  Instead of just adding a strip of white paper, we ended up printing the program onto white cardstock and used the entire thing to cover the extra fold line (and still add the lace border according to solution #1).  Gotta love screw ups!  :S -> 😀


Me having fun cutting!  (before I realized I had done it wrong 😛 )  I didn’t realize until later that I actually matched the paper!

Here is the completed product! IMG_1123 IMG_1124 - Copy I will try to edit this post soon with a picture showing what I meant for my first solution (I realized my explanation may only make sense to myself, but I left it in there anyways 😛 )

It’s great to be back!  Check back regularly from now on because there will be lots of cool things, exciting specials, prizes, and new product coming out REALLY SOON!  (and you know what this means…an Open House is in the near future!!!)

Have a GREAT day!!! 🙂


About craftingfun

I am a French immersion science teacher who LOVES crafting! I started with scrapbooking and am now addicted to anything to do with paper. This is where I share what I've made and hopefully inspire you to do the same. If you have any questions or would like to order any SU! products or cards, please feel free to contact me!
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