thought I would give a quick step-by-step to do list for embossing just as a review for some or as a tutorial for others. It took me a few tries before I got the hang of it – but now I absolutely love it and it is a LOT easier!  (so for those of you who are having trouble right now – don’t give up! )

Step 1

IMG_1574This is the one that I am the WORST at remembering.  Rub your cardstock with the Embossing Buddy (# 103083) to get rid of the static.  The first few times I kept forgetting to do this so I would always end up with powder on my paper as well as on my image.  Sometimes you might want this because it does give a cool ‘snowy’ effect, but not if you want a clear, crisp image.  A friend of mine uses Bounce sheets and says they work great – I’ve never tried them before, but if you don’t have the Embossing Buddy yet, try it out and let me know!
Step 2

Stamp your image using VersaMark (clear, sticky ink pad) or Craft ink (very juicy, takes a long time to dry so is good for embossing #102283 and 101731).


Step 3

IMG_1576 IMG_1577

Pour your embossing powder over your stamped image.  Shake off the excess powder back into the container (using a Powder Pal is really handy – # 102197).  Flick the paper with your finger if you have a lot sticking to the page

You can see on this one the flecks of white on the black cardstock that disappears after I flicked the paper!  (not easy to do if you’ve forgotten step IMG_15781!)IMG_1579

Step 4

Using your heat gun (it’s really the easiest thing to use – if you don’t have one yet, you can try the stove – just be careful you don’t burn yourself.  A hair dryer on low might work but I haven’t tried it), hold it over the image, moving it around so you don’t stay in one spot tooo long

This picture is the one that I took using the versamark because it is easier to see the change in colour of the powder that tells you when it’s done 🙂

IMG_1588And that’s all there is to it!  Once you get the hang of it you’ll be hooked!  You can also use different colour craft inks with the clear powder, or if you are someone who likes silver, gold, or black you can buy the powders in those colours too – they look fabulous!

Embossing is great for so many things!  You can use it to create a background (see my post here) or to add texture to an image (see here).

Feel free to email me pictures of your projects!  I would love to add them to this post 🙂


About craftingfun

I am a French immersion science teacher who LOVES crafting! I started with scrapbooking and am now addicted to anything to do with paper. This is where I share what I've made and hopefully inspire you to do the same. If you have any questions or would like to order any SU! products or cards, please feel free to contact me!
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