Soooooo excited!!!!

When my sister and I went fabric shopping (for the Christmas stocking and a purse for Raven) I found this FABULOUS green fabric with writing that I absolutely LOVE.  It became the inspiration for my very own handbag!

I was so excited when I finished that I took some photos to send to my sister (who’s back in Winnipeg) to show her how my bag turned out!

So if you are curious as to how to make this bag, it’s really quite simple!  Cutting out the squares was made super easy by using the Big Shot and the Scallop Square die.  You can see clearly on my niece’s purse the individual scallop squares.  I had actually sewed all of my squares together and then looked at the other side, and to my dismay I preferred the ‘wrong’ side!  Ah well, I refreshed my picking skills pretty quickly (taking out all the stitching I had done) and then redid it the other way.

Step One:  Cut your fabric to the width of the scallop square.

Step Two:  Fold your fabric over your square and run it through your Big Shot.  Depending on the thickness of the fabric, you can do up to 8 layers at a time!  Pretty neat!

* Step Three: This is modified from other demonstrators’ versions*

Sew two squares together – these will be forming your outside.  Here I end up sewing 5 squares together.  Then I connect all of them to create a string of 10 squares because they will form my base and sides (I wanted them to all be the solid dark blue).

For the front and back, I decided to do a rectangular shape (3 rows with 4 squares each).  I sewed my rows separately by pairs first and then joining them to make 4, then I connected the entire row.  Here you can see my ‘wrong side’ and my ‘right sides’.

Step Four:  Connect your three sections together (centre and pin them onto your base and then sew up the sides).  I layed mine out flat to make sure that I had the words going the right way 😛

Step Five:  Make your lining!  The first time I made this my sister measured it out and drew the lines on the fabric and batting which I then cut out.  This time I was on my own and just traced the pieces in the above picture (before I sewed them all together).  I don’t recommend doing it the way I did unless you use a ruler when you draw your lines.  I didn’t and ended up running into a little trouble later on (nothing that couldn’t be fixed!  just made it take longer) so I recommend taking the time to figure out the dimensions for your lining (it’s actually not hard I was just being lazy!) first.

So…cut your lining, cut your batting (the white stuff), sew them together, and then sew all three pieces together.  Here’s what it looks like flat and upright:

As an aside – the book inside for those of you wondering, is from the Charlie Bone series.  It’s a kid fantasy (à la Harry Potter) series that I just got into and am hooked!  I’ve been reading them every night since I started and this one is book four.

Step Six:  Insert your lining ‘box’ into your bag (you might need to trim some of your edges to make it fit inside a little better) and pin.

Step Seven:  If you are making your own straps – good on ya!  I didn’t so I just figured out the length I wanted, pinned the strap between my two layers and then sewed all the way around the top.  Be sure to make an “X” to reinforce your straps – you wouldn’t want them to fall off after all your wonderful work!

(Step Eight:  Trim down the top part of your lining when you are all done so that it doesn’t stick out)

Voilà – your masterpiece is complete!  Now to enjoy and show off to all your friends!!!


About craftingfun

I am a French immersion science teacher who LOVES crafting! I started with scrapbooking and am now addicted to anything to do with paper. This is where I share what I've made and hopefully inspire you to do the same. If you have any questions or would like to order any SU! products or cards, please feel free to contact me!
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